Main Street Rose Hall, Jamaica

A luxurious blend of specialty retail stores featuring international jewelers, lifestyle brands & specialty souvenirs that create an unforgettable shopping experience.

Located on Jamaica’s elegant corridor, Main Street Rose Hall is only minutes away from Montego Bay’s finest resorts and international airport

We provide our WiFi solution for the shopping mall.

Wi-Fi gives you the unique opportunity to know your customers and engages with them during and after their visit to your location. Thanks to the data capture tool, every user that connects to Wi-Fi is automatically saved.

Users who want to connect to Wi-Fi see a splash page with the name and brand of your bar/restaurant where they can log into the Wi-Fi network with 1 click, simply using their Facebook account (or other preferred social accounts, like Instagram or Twitter).

You can also ask them to like your Facebook page before connecting to your Wi-Fi, or to “check-in” at your location and post feedback about your location.